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Wooden Goblincore Treasure & Tarot Box

Wooden Goblincore Treasure & Tarot Box

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3mm Baltic birch has been laser-cut and engraved into a neat little box with a slide out tray, the perfect size to stash away weird little goblin treasures. The top and sides are adorned with a variety of fun items and creatures that make my little goblin heart happy, such as a frog, a moth, skulls, mushrooms, an acorn, leaves, teeth, shells, crystals, etc.

The top says "Box of Treasures" and the bottom panel where the inner tray slides out says "Shiny Things". The box measures approximately 5.25 inches by 3.5 inches and 1.75 inches deep, and fits a standard deck of 78 cards should one wish to use them to store a tarot card deck!

Fits a suitable amount of crystals, neat rocks, buttons, dice, bones, dead bugs, old keys, feathers, and other curiosities. Maybe even a small frog. Temporarily, of course.

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